The National Association of Advocates for Women in Science (AAWSM) is a collaborative organization founded to equip future leaders in academia with the knowledge and skills needed to promote the recognition and professional development of women in academic medicine and biomedical sciences. Furthermore, we hope to provide a platform for mentoring leaders at all stages of professional development, as well as engage the academic community to address the challenges faced by women in academic medicine.

To achieve this, we offer the annual AAWSM Southeast Regional Conference, along with year-round support provided by our institutional partners. If you would like to stay informed of our ongoing activities, please sign-up to be notified. If you would like to know more about our organization or would like to get involved, please feel free to email us



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From training to creating an established career, women in medicine face biases and discrimination from both patients and colleagues alike, which cripple both professional advancement and personal well-being. The Association of Advocates for Women in Science and Medicine attempts to both generate awareness and develop effective strategies that will enable women to speak out and promote positive change. The AAWSM annual conference addresses many of these challenges and more, in addition to giving its attendees the opportunity to learn from and network with successful physician scientists. 



Over the past 40 years, efforts to advance equal representation have successfully narrowed the gender gap; however, women are still faced with a wide range of professional barriers which including salary, career advancement, networking, and the peer-review process. The Association of Advocates for Women in Science and Medicine seeks to addresses the roadblocks facing scientists today as well as provide the mentoring and network experiences that will grow future leaders presenting novel advances in medical research by current scientists and physician scientists. 



In addition to creating awareness, the primary aim of the AAWSM is to equip future leaders with strategies to combat gender bias and discrimination in science and medicine. In addition, while these barriers are distinct to women, we believe solving them requires a unified effort. Therefore, all genders are encouraged to attend the annual AAWSM conference. By empowering women and advocates for women to address these difficult gender-specific issues, we hope to serve as a catalyst for positive change by promoting a culture of both diversity and inclusion.