Our 2018 Team

The following personnel have been vital to bringing the AAWSM 2018 to Birmingham!


President: Kelly Roszczynialski, MD | Emergency Medicine Resident

Dr. Roszczynialski is a graduate of the University of Alabama School of Medicine and currently Chief Resident for UABs Department of Emergency Medicine. As chief, she has been heavily involved in both resident and medical student mentoring and education. Her research interests include human sex trafficking and sexual assault recognition and management in the emergent setting and bettering health care provider education.

Peabody Headshot2.jpg

Editor: Jacelyn Peabody, | MD-PhD Trainee (UAB)

Jacelyn Peabody is a 3rd-year MD/PhD Trainee at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in the laboratory of Steven Rowe. At UAB, she has been spearheading an APSA Research Residency and Fellowship Program Database for physician-scientist trainees preparing to pursue residency and fellowship training. Jacelyn got involved with the AAWSM because she is passionate about women's rights, women's health and making it easier for other women to achieve professionally.

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Organizing Chair: Mark Pepin, MS | MD-PhD Trainee (UAB)

Mark Pepin is a 5th-year MD/PhD Trainee at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He became involved with the AAWSM as he became more aware of the academic and professional hurdles encountered by his female colleagues. As Mark is married with three children, he hopes that, by the time his daughters reach college-age, all forms of academic and professional discrimination will be a distant memory.


Alice Weaver, PhD, MD/PhD Trainee (UAB)

Dr. Weaver is a 7th year MD/PhD trainee at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her doctoral research was in cancer cell signaling and rational design of targeted therapeutic strategies. She recently finished interviewing for the ABIM Research Pathway Residency Program in Internal Medicine with intended fellowship in Hematology/Oncology. She has been deeply engaged in medical education research and, specifically, understanding the factors which influence career choice.


Speakers Sub-Committee: Shreya Kashyap | MD-PhD Trainee (UAB)

Shreya Kashyap is a 2nd-year MD/PhD trainee at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is passionate about mental health and neuropsychiatric illness. Shreya is the co-coordinator of the Equal Access Birmingham Mental Health Clinic, a student run community clinic devoted to addressing anxiety, depression, PTSD and substance use disorders in the underserved patient population in Birmingham. She is also a member of the inaugaral class of UAB Health Equity Scholars, a service-learning based program with emphasis on understanding and addressing health disparities. Shreya is passionate about women's mental health and using the physician scientist platform to become a better patient advocate.


Advertising/Logistics Sub-Committee: Jacob Files | MD-PhD Trainee (UAB)

Jacob Files is a 2nd-year MD-PhD Trainee at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  He became involved with the AAWSM to engage with and learn more about the inequalities women face within the healthcare field today.  He hopes to one day work at an academic medical center where he can impact various minority groups to reach their professional goals within the healthcare field.


Advertising Sub-Committee: Muhan Hu | MD-PhD Trainee (UAB)

Muhan Hu is a 5th year MD/PhD trainee at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in the laboratory of Dr. Michael Miller studying the mechanisms of sperm and oocyte signaling in C. elegans. At UAB, she has been involved in many events through APSA and SEMSS that focuses on career development for trainees in academic medicine. Muhan got involved with AAWSM because it provides a great opportunity to address gender specific issues surrounding career career development. 


Social Media Sub-Committee: Melissa Jennings | MD-PhD Trainee (UAB)

Melissa Jennings is an MS1 in the UAB MSTP program and is interested in researching immunology. Outside of school, she is heavily involved in the Student National Medical Association to help promote diversity in medicine. In her free time she likes to rock climb or work on puzzles. Melissa joined AAWSM because as a black woman she recognizes that the fight for gender equality is not complete without input from marginalized voices. 


Speakers Sub-Committee: Ashleigh Irwin | MD-PhD Trainee (UAB)

Ashleigh Irwin is a 2nd-year MD/PhD Trainee at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and will be pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience. She is also a Alabama Schwietzer Fellow through which she has implemented a youth health literacy program aimed at reducing health disparities later in life. Ashleigh became involved with AAWSM as a means to effect positive change regarding gender specific career development challenges. 


Logistics Sub-Committee: Christine Carico | MD-PhD Trainee (UAB)

Christine Carico is a 1st year MD/PhD trainee at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She became involved with the AAWSM because she recognizes the inequities present at both the personal and professional levels not only for women, but also for other marginalized populations. Her goal is to use her position and efforts to facilitate awareness and change to this ongoing narrative in the field of academic medicine.


Logistics Sub-Committee: Lamario Williams | MD-PhD Trainee (UAB)

Lamario Williams is a 1st-year MD-PhD Trainee at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He became involved with the AAWSM in an effort to lend a helping hand and to learn more about the female perspective in science. He aims to continually learn more on the topic to best be able to advocate for women in science now and as his career progresses.


Social Media Sub-Committee: Alana Jones | MD-PhD Trainee (UAB)

Alana Jones is a MD/PhD Trainee at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Although she is only in her first year of training, she has been an active member of the Student National Medical Association, chairing the Annual Integrative Healthcare Summit for underrepresented high school and college students who are interested in careers in health professions, as well as participating in educational activities with elementary school students through the UAB chapter of the American Physician Scientist Association. Alana got involved with AAWSM because of her long-term interests in health equity and underrepresentation of women and minorities in science and medicine.